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Simple CSS Reset.

Below is a very simple CSS reset that I use on all of my projects.

With these complex frameworks you see such as Twitter Bootsrap, HTML5 Boilerplate I find I am always having to take time to override their styles and hack the stylesheet provided. Setting box sizing to border box also forces padding [...]

How to create a CSS only drop down navigation

Drop down navigation systems have been around for a long time, most of these relying upon Javascript.  Here I demonstrate how to create one with only CSS. Firstly we need to create an un-ordered list in the HTML. The sub navigation menus will be nested inside the corresponding parent ‘li’ element. This keeps things semantically [...]

Code smells in CSS

I’ve just finished reading an excellent article by Harry Roberts at CSS Wizardry. The article focuses on bad coding habits that cause major issues in scaleability, lifespan and reusability of code and should be avoided if at all possible. Harry gives examples of problem code along with improvements that could be made to eradicate it. [...]

How to style a permalink in a nav that is currently open

A great method to let our visitors know what section of the website they are visiting is to style the currently open link in the navigation. Let’s start by looking at the CSS link and it’s pseudo selectors:

It can be easy to assume the active pseudo selector will target the current page but [...]

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