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How to create a CSS only drop down navigation

Drop down navigation systems have been around for a long time, most of these relying upon Javascript.  Here I demonstrate how to create one with only CSS. Firstly we need to create an un-ordered list in the HTML. The sub navigation menus will be nested inside the corresponding parent ‘li’ element. This keeps things semantically [...]

How to style a permalink in a nav that is currently open

A great method to let our visitors know what section of the website they are visiting is to style the currently open link in the navigation. Let’s start by looking at the CSS link and it’s pseudo selectors:

It can be easy to assume the active pseudo selector will target the current page but [...]

Don’t overthink grid layouts

Chris Coyier of CSS – TRICKS wrote a great article not too long ago that I think everybody rushing to jump straight to a grid framework in order to make their website responsive should read. It touches on some very valid points that people often jump into a complex grid framework for a simple two [...]

CSS Triangles

  CSS triangles are a commonly used effect on webspages, the triangle only requiring a single div element and can be easily reused throughout the project HTML: We can create each triangle with a single div element. It would be useful to set a class for all directions.

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