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Why you should never use all caps in your HTML source code

In this post I will explain why it is dumb and you should never use all capitals for text such as heading in your HTML.

Firstly it’s kinda mixing style with substance, any kind of visual style should, in almost all cases be done in CSS.

Secondly what happens if you write. all of your H2 headings across your 50 page website in capitals. It looks great right now, however when you come to revamp your website with a new look and the the capitalized H2′s no longer fit in..
You now have a lot of work to do and you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t just apply a text transform in your stylesheet.

The little CSS snippet below will make all the characters nested between any H2 tags capitalized. Easy

As an aside you can also target the first letter of every word and the fist line with pseudo selectors for further styling options.


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